Event Horizons

On November 6 SOAG opens a new solo show by Barbara Mink. “Event Horizons” features mainly large-scale abstracts in acrylics and oils.

Mink says this body of work is the culmination of her thinking about connections between painting and science.

“Ten years ago I founded an annual winter festival which features performers in both the  arts and sciences, so thinking about creative synergies is often on my mind. Painting has always been a part of my life, but this past year I tried an experiment: framing my work with concepts in physics and math.

At first I veered strongly toward rather literal connections but I soon became uncomfortable with the self consciously didactic results. I ended up naming the works in “Event Horizons” more playfully, so the titles touch only lightly on the paintings.

With a nod to the Romantics and Abstract Expressionism, my work rests on the energy of the gesture, the visible trace of the process, and the coherence of carefully controlled elements, with textures and densities ranging from thickly layered to ephemeral.”

State of the Art is located at 120 W. State Street in Ithaca.  Hours are Wed. – Fri., 12-6pm and Sat. & Sun., 12-5pm.  The gallery is ADA accessible and there is curbside parking available.  Contact information for the gallery is 607-277-1626 and www.soag.org.

Closeups of Paintings

Opening Night of Events Horizon

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