A Year of Mandalas

There is something about symmetry that has always fascinated me, particularly radial symmetry. This is the symmetry of the mandala. I have been drawing mandalas for many years. The past few years I have taken photographs of flowers and foliage and used the computer to turn them into what I call “Botanical Mandalas.”

I decided to spend the past year exploring the mandala form and variations on radial symmetry. I kept a journal of my thoughts in this process, along with the images, in blog format. Over the course of the year, I tried to create a new work each week. Images and text are chronicled in my blog: http://ayearofmandalas.blogspot.com/

“A Year of Mandalas” is at State of the Art from Feb. 2 through Feb. 27, 2011. A reception for Daniel will be held Friday, Feb. 4 from 5-8pm at the gallery.

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