Size allotments for member shows


Space allocations for the rest of the year:

Always subtract 6” from one end and 6”  (or less if you want a smaller spacing) between multiple works.

Members showing September and October:

September                 October

Porter                          Ast

Newton                       Kaplan

McPheeters                Brown

Mink                            Deneuville

Kather                           Zehr

Reed                             Bowman, MaryAnn

Watkins                       Spitznagle

Capobianco                 Sampson

Larkin                           Fawcett

Nelson                          Bowman,Stan

Ridenour                      Platter

Vrana                             Hogg

Sherman                        Sinkow

Dennis                            Ozolins

Sept.  Members in the Salon  26″
Oct.    Members in the Salon 26″
Nov.   Half of the members in the Salon with 24″ Half members added Sat. morning after the raffle work is taken.

Dec.   Juried show, no members
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