Susan C. Larkin


When a plant’s cells can no longer support life, it passes to death—often with renewed beauty and grace. I search for plant remnants, seedpods, and dried leaves after the growing cycle is over. I’d like my camera to be an x-ray machine, capable of looking through plant membranes to the seeds inside. Since that’s not possible, I look for translucent surfaces, textures, shapes, and edges that glow with back light. Potential images are everywhere, especially in the smallest parts.

While I don’t always have my single-lens reflex camera with me, I always have my iPhone. I can continue my search for translucent images by taking double-exposed pictures of my hand. Whenever I see a plant, a piece of old machinery or a random object that attracts my eye, I consider it as a background for a hand picture.

Sometimes, especially in spring, black and white slips away. I can’t resist sharing the color.

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