Patricia Brown

Present Time

I practice making art as meditation.  In each drawing I stay present, open, and spontaneous. This allows me to arrive at a place of timelessness.  My art has become my playground where I explore new ideas as they intrigue me.  The Present Time Installation documents a twenty-one month journey: each drawing is numbered, dated and placed into a timecard rack.   The viewer accompanies me by interacting with the colors, marks, materials, and subjects that capture my attention.


In Motion

As the model twists her torso, raises her arm, drops her waist, turns her head, and transfers her weight from one leg to another; I draw.  I feel the strain, the flow, and the energy.   I draw everything – her feet, legs, hip, elbow, fingers, toes, neck, and spine.   I draw nothing – the wake of the body as it moves through space.  The model leaves and the imprint of the gesture remains.  I pause.  I take time to gaze and contemplate the marks.  I erase the unnecessary to reveal the essential.  I work until the drawing speaks clearly and takes on life.


Counting, In Pursuit of a Common Wholeness

Counting, is a forthcoming collaboration between poet Lisa Harris and artist Patricia Brown.  The poems, a series of meditations on the numbers 0-12, when read as an entirety, create a parable on/for living a life. Given our current political climate, these poems are also about diversity, communication, and tightly swaddled hope. The gestural paintings and drawings, studies of the figure in motion, accompany the thirteen poems.  Imagine an opening of Counting with the poems, paintings, and drawings hanging on the walls; a poetry reading at that time with a modern dancer moving through the audience.

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