Ethel Vrana

After graduating from the University of Rochester with a major is Fine Art and Philosophy, I taught art in public school.  For many years I concentrated on landscape painting using mostly oils, watercolor and acrylic paints.  After taking a workshop in Water Media Collage with Carrie Burns Brown, my interests have turned to creating abstract paintings and collage.  I call my new works “Abstract Expressions”.  They represent an exploration into ways in which my interests in and my ideas  about  nature, philosophy and art can be abstracted and expressed through color, form and texture.

Nature’s hidden forms and processes have long provided inspiration for my art. During the past few years, my focus has changed from landscape painting to abstract works using experimental techniques such as acrylic collage and layered digital images. I enjoy these new aesthetic challenges and the freedom to explore form, color, and light. I especially like using a variety of paints, inks, papers, and other materials that I have never used before. Some of my recent works are entirely non-objective, while other canvases include symbolic representations and photographic imagery.

My future work will continue to explore the subtle harmonies, contrasts, and boundaries that exist between the organic elements of life and the man-made environment.h

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