manuela amzallag "Untitled No. 1"
manuela amzallag "Untitled No. 2"
Ben Bookout "Winter's Minimal 1"
Robin Botie "Pond Weed"
Robin Botie "Kitchen Moons"
Robin Botie "Rock Moon"
Gwen Bullock "Macro Flower 1"
Gwen Bullock "Macro Flower 2"
Gwen Bullock "Macro Flower 3"
James Burlitch "Trestle Maze"
James Burlitch "Wormy Exodus"
Ann Cady "My Red Wood Forest"
Marie Costanza "Spring Rose Leaves"
Cynthia Cratsley "Juvenescence"
Elena Dilai "Flos Post Vitam"
Elena Dilai "Milkweed"
Elena Dilai "Damaged By High Waters"
Ed Dittenhoefer "Ithaca Street"
Ron Faris "Quarantine Room"
Jody Feavearyear "Cold"
Ed Finegan "Fun Returns"
Ed Finegan "Emergence"
Coleen Foley "Moon Halo and Her Tree"
Darlene Gold "Magnified Gaze"
Darlene Gold "My Body is Your Business"
kent gordon "North Lake"
Sarah Haig "One Way"
Sarah Haig "Protest"
Kim Haines-Eitzen "Skin I"
Kim Haines-Eitzen "Skin II"
Libby Hedrick "Thurible"
Libby Hedrick "Church In A Puddle"
Ray Helmke "FACETious 1"
Kenneth Hill "Glissando"
Kenneth Hill "Giocoso"
Linda Hosek "Foggy Gaze"
Kevin Ingerson "The Big Sky"
Kevin Ingerson "The Lighthouse"
Dave King "El Cubano"
Thomas Kredo "Stationary"
Thomas Kredo "Catacombs"
InShik Lee "Would I have known…"
InShik Lee "Buffalo at N Cayuga"
Lillian Lickona "Out of the Blue"
Lillian Lickona "Cortland Dry Cleaners at Dusk"
Lillian Lickona "Crown City Cyclist"
Jim Long "Buttermilk bowl"
John Mack "Snowdrops"
John Mack "Crocus"
Brian Maley "Blue"
Brian Maley "Red"
Casey Martin "Pandemics 2020"
Casey Martin "Quiet Venue 2020"
Jean Martin "Cleveland Bricks"
Kim McAlear "Sharing"
Kim McAlear "Summer's Eve"
Kim McAlear "Shades of Blue"
bill mclaughlin "Silhouette"
bill mclaughlin "Winter Woodland"
Tiffany Medrano "New Normal"
Donald Menges "The Royals"
Donald Menges "Geometry"
Randi Millman-Brown "Moonflower"
Randi Millman-Brown "Cornell Wall"
Kathy Morris "Window-Fingers"
Kathy Morris "Dad-Window-City"
Luann Pero "Pine & Birch"
Mark Picone "Frost on fern leaf"
Mark Picone "Once a general"
Deborah Putman "Snow Dunes"
Deborah Putman "Rusty Barrel"
Kathleen Rasmussen "Yucca filamentosa"
John Retallack "Root Beer of 1930"
robin sacknoff "a walk in venice"
Mary Shapinas "The Heron Shake"
Mary Shapinas "The Dance"
Barbara Simcoe "Mind Cannot Know You"
Lee Sims "Mercury"
Nadia Sisley "Tomatoes in the Night"
MANDEM Steinman-Arendsee "The Little Prince (Medical Trials of the Saints)"
Philip Stephens "Untitled F"
Christine Stockwell "Flowering Cinerea in Conservatory "
Connie Thomas "Crawling"
Connie Thomas "Domestic Soldier"
Ruby Turner "Time to Fly"
Adele Wallach "Reflected"
Adele Wallach "Greenport Harbor"
Stephen Whiting "Beauty Is In The Eye"
Stephen Whiting "Red Envy"
Alicia Wittink "Can I Come In Now? "
Alicia Wittink "Waiting"
Joe Ziolkowski "20200729-D The Parking Lot PPE Portfolio"